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Recreation Classes

Our recreation classes can be taken at either of our locations. They are 45 minute classes that go over the basic techniques of the style of dance you choose. We have options in our combo classes (which is a combination of tap and ballet), hip hop, and musical theater.

Each recreation class will perform in our recital on June 4th and participate in the rehearsals June 3rd. Along with the recital, there will be a costume fee to cover the costume they will wear during the recital.


Combo Classes – Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes, they may wear a skirt but it is not required, hair pulled back (prefer a bun so they do not play with it).  Boys: Comfortable clothing, black ballet and tap shoes. (For recital will need tan tights)

Hip Hop/Musical Classes – Comfortable Clothes, hair pulled back, Sneakers, but will need Jazz Shoes prior to the recital (the teacher will let you know what color, once the costumes arrive in April), hair pulled back.


Registration- $20 for single dancers and $25 for families. (No Registration Fee for Summer)

Monthly- $45 tuition each month. Summer Tuition is $60 per class.  You may pay this fee for the full 9 month period and a discount can be applied. 10% discount is given if paid in full by cash or check; 5% discount is given if paid in full by credit card.

Costume- $60 full payment that is split between 2 months of $30 payments (October-November). You may lump this cost as one. If you join after December the costume fee will automatically be lumped into one payment. NO COSTUMES FOR SUMMER.

In order to encourage boys to dance, a 50% discount will be given to brothers of registered dancers and 25% to all others. 

*Discounts are applied manually and will not happen upon registration*

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