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Revere Dance studio Company Team has been NATIONAL CHAMPIONS since we opened nearly 12 years ago!

Our regional and national award winning dance companies hold these titles from the best competitions in the United States today, including: Applause Talent, Star Talent, Kids Artistic Review, CRU, Celebration Talent, and Energy NDC to name a few.


We take pride in being a team and our teachers work collaboratively to give your child the opportunity to have a pre-professional experience.  Our teachers and choreographers are referred to as TEAM REVERE.  Between them, we have won over 40 choreography awards on both the regional and national level is the creative force in the company’s competition success.   

The company program is dedicated to training our students to accomplish a higher level of dance achievement and to further their performing arts experience.

Company members are selected by audition or invitation only. Company members and their families make a financial and time commitment to their dance training. Inside the studio, the company trains multiple days a week focusing heavily on ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre and hip hop, receiving the best instruction by the most qualified teachers that Cincinnati has to offer.

Outside the studio, members participate in regional and national dance competitions, attend workshops and take master classes from the best teachers and choreographers in the dance industry today. 

We continue to be proud of our company alumni who further their dance careers and are awarded scholarships by colleges!

They include:   University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Northern Kentucky University, Oklahoma City State University, Ohio State University, Eastern Kentucky University, Wright State University, and University of Kentucky to name a few. If you are interested in auditioning for one of our award winning companies, please email, call or come by the studio for more detailed information.


National Dance Team (Ages 6+) - Audition are complete


  • Competes Approx. 4 times per year and participates in recital

  • Competes in Tap and Jazz/Musical Theatre

  • Participates in the Production Number

  • Required to take Ballet Class, average of 2 Tap Technique, 2 Jazz Technique are required per month for Junior level and above

  • Up to 3 Levels (Petite (6-10), Junior (10-13), Teen (13-18) - We limit each level to 15-22 children.

  • Team Agreement Signed and $175 Participation Fee, Monthly Tuition is based upon the number of classes your child is taking or cast in, plus additional $30 per month for elite groups. Costumes are $150 per routine and entry fees are approx. $55-65 per routine per competition.

  • No Choreography Fees for group numbers

  • Fundraisers require participation



Regional Teams

 No Audition Required – Rehearsals Mandatory

Competes 1-2 Times per year, plus participates in recital

Competitions may be located in Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis





Beginner All Stars (Ages 5-7) - No Audition Required

  • Competes in Jazz/Musical Theatre at 1 competition

  • Performs a tap routine in recital in addition

  • Required to take Beginner All Star Class (20 min Ballet, 20 min Tap, 20 min Jazz/Musical Theatre) – 1-1/2 hour

  • Team Agreement Signed and $50 Participation Fee. Monthly tuition is based on the number of classes your child takes.  Costumes are $65 and entry fees are approx. $55-65 per routine.

Junior All Stars(Ages 7-12) - No Audition Required

  • Competes in Jazz/Musical Theatre and Tap at two competitions

  • Required to take Junior All Star Combo (30 Min Ballet, 30 Min Tap, 30 Min Jazz/Musical Theatre) – 1-1/2 Hrs 

  • Team Agreement Signed and $50 Participation Fee. Monthly tuition is based on the number of classes your child takes.. 2 Costumes are $65 each and entry fees are approx. $55-65 per routine.

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