2020-21 Schedule

Opening September 14

Our Technique Classes are now  reduced class sizes due to COVID-19 guidelines.  You must audition or have permission to join these classes.  Please contact us if you are interested

If you are interested in private lessons or smaller group classes, please contact us at dance@reveredancestudio.com

All Group Classes are full but D.  Check out our Facebook page for a list of full or close to full classes.

Studio A & B - Must be 8-14 Students

Studio C must be 8 students

Class & Level Description & Required Attire



Revere Dance Studio Shoe and Attire Requirement (available at Northern Kentucky Dancewear or Diana's Dancewear.)


 2-5 Yr Old Combo Classes – Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes, they may wear a skirt but it is not required, hair pulled back (prefer a bun so they do not play with it).  Boys: Comfortable clothing, black ballet and tap shoes. (For recital will need tan tights)

Mommy & Me - Intended for young dancers 2-3, who are not ready to be in a classroom setting without a parent.  This class will work on ballet and jazz with a parent.  It will be in the recital.  Parents will wear all black and the child will wear a costume.  


6+ Combo Classes – Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, jazz boot (So Danca Caramel) tan tap shoes (Block0302G), hair in a bun. Boys: Comfortable Clothing, black ballet and tap shoes.


Hip Hop Classes – Comfortable Clothes, hair pulled back, Sneakers, but will need Jazz Shoes prior to the recital (the teacher will let you know what color, once the costumes arrive in April), hair pulled back


Hip Hop Team - Leggings or comfortable pants (but must be above ankle, Fitted top or Leotard and gym shoes (until competition and we will advise of shoes), hair pulled back.


Technique Level/TNT Team in Training/Junior Prep Classes

Ballet- Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, hair pulled in bun (skirt and fitted shorts allowed)

Leaps and Turns – Leotard, tights or black leggings  and Jazz Boot (any color), hair in a bun

Tap – Leggings or comfortable pants (but must be above ankle, Fitted top or Leotard and black oxford full sole tap shoes (Primary may wear tan tap shoes), hair pulled back

If children are wearing incorrect attire they will be warned.  If they continue to dress inappropriately and without the proper shoes, they will not be permitted to participate in class and will have to sit and observe.  Shoes are like a uniform and are the proper shoes to teach them technique.

Class Descriptions:

Hip Hop - It is a street style of dance primarily performed to hip hop music. Dancers love this fun-loving, energetic style of current dance and never want it to end!


Ballet - The foundation to many dance forms and the epitome of discipline, Ballet is arguably the most elegant style of dance. It is also a dance form that students benefit from starting with early in their dance career. Among a plethora of important skills, it teaches dancers to understand their center and gain flexibility and focus. 


Pointe - This class is available to our most advanced students, who must take at least one Ballet class per week in order to enroll.


Tap - Rhythm is key in this style of dance. With both percussive and Broadway-style movements, students enrolled in tap class not only give their feet a workout, but their brains get one, too. Young dancers love the noise their "special" shoes make, and are amazed at how many different sounds can be generated with different parts of their feet.


Musical Theatre Dance - It is a compilation of the different dance styles seen on Broadway. For example, Bob Fosse's choreography is very different from Agnes de Mille's dance moves in "Carousel".


Leaps and Turns -  develops balance, strength, elevation and body alignment within students for technical elements used in all styles of dance.

Class Level Descriptions - Level Classes are more disciplined and levels require teacher approval - We reserve the right to move a child to the appropriate level (you usually spend at least 2 years in each level)

Group D - Beginner - General Age range - 6-10

Group C- Advanced Beginner 2+ years technical experience - General Age range - 8-12

Group A/B - 6+ years technical experience - General Age range - 13-18

Beginner All Stars and Hip Hop TNT Competes once in May and performs in the recital.

Junior All Star Competition Classes - Compete Twice per year and performs in the recital

the intention of these teams is to prepare for the National Competitive Team or have less commitment than the National Team

Beginner All Stars - 5-6 Year Olds - Ballet, Tap and Jazz Training - One Hour per week - Learn two dances, but compete with one - one costume fee

Junior All Stars - 7-12 Year Olds - Ballet, Tap and Jazz Training with Two Teachers - One and 1/2 Hours per week - Learn and Compete with two dances and two costume fees.

Hip Hop TNT - 6+ Years Old - Hip Hop Class that competes - 45 minutes - Competes with one dance



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